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How I came about is a story older than time.  It was the accidental fusion of chaotic elements and temporal cloning that began my creation, before being hurled thru the Aether and delivered unto the multiverse.

Since that time of awakening,  I have always used a bit chaos to create my own worlds and share them in various means.  Whether it was a drawing of turkeys with blunderbusses chasing pilgrims in grade school,  a comic where boxes represent conformity or creating a multiverse  with intergalactic healers, the random chaos I inherently use in creating  worlds and discovering new stories spurs on my creativity.

Now I want to build worlds and universes that everyone can explore, play in and use to inspire their own imagination and creativity,  no matter the type of media one uses.  Combine medias, or let one media inspire another, the possibilities, like the number or worlds,  are practically endless.

I can usually be found traversing the multiverse, cultivating new worlds and stories, but when you are ready to create your own worlds and stories then you can reach me on this plane of existence electronically at  Contact@RomeoCharlieArt.com

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