World Building


This is a work in progress but in the meantime I also have a Patreon where I talk about world building and my projects.

I’m currently using Ark Ink as my title for worldbuilding.


For the world I decide I wanted a planet that looked like a Yin Yang shape



After that I decided it would be easier to set the first story on the island and develop the terrain on a smaller scale.So I started out with the island as a large scale hex. I also knew I wanted it to be a mountainous region so I added in some terrain then made some adjustments.


Next I took the rough version into Clip Studio Paint and experimented with various brushes and colors until I got the desired feel. Then I went back to traditional and used some colored fineliners and colored pencils  to add additional detail and feel.  I also added in some white pastel chalk for the shallows.  Finally I took a white out pen and started creating the snowline.