Project Unit-T

Book/Chapter 1 (WiP)


Once we heal ourselves we can heal the world


Logline WiP

When an untrusting, self-reliant, adventure guide is forcibly “retired” and turned into a deskbound trip planner, he decides to create his own ‘adventure of a lifetime’ by volunteering to be an observer on board an interstellar starship. Once again finding himself on the sidelines, forced to observe from afar, and a “what they don’t know can’t hurt them” mindset,  he decides to take a personal ‘observation’ trip only to rapidly discover his mindset is not only dangerous, but potentially fatal in this universe. He either learns to trust others and work together to heal himself, or this adventure of a lifetime will end before it truly begins.


World Building

For the world I decide I wanted a planet that looked like a Yin Yang shape



After that I decided it would be easier to set the first story on the island and develop the terrain on a smaller scale.So I started out with the island as a large scale hex. I also knew I wanted it to be a mountainous region so I added in some terrain then made some adjustments.


Next I took the rough version into Clip Studio Paint and experimented with various brushes and colors until I got the desired feel. Then I went back to traditional and used some colored fineliners and colored pencils  to add additional detail and feel.  I also added in some white pastel chalk for the shallows.  Finally I took a white out pen and started creating the snowline.