The sky is not the limit the stars are…

What is Ark Ink?

It’s a universal arkitek organization I created for building, and sharing, storyworlds and visual stories because as they say at Ark Ink The sky is not the limit the stars are…

So my  goal for Ark Ink is to create shared storyworlds, tell visual stories and assist others in becoming arkiteks.

Organizationally it’s comprised of different Unit’s. The first Unit I will be exploring is Unit-T.  This is a crew of intergalactic shamans that travel the multiverse assisting in maintaining universal harmony.

Although this will be a graphic novel project, visual stories are my medium of choice,  my shared storyworld will encompass all creative endeavors that I hope will inspire others to stretch their imagination and explore.


As I develop this project I’ll add information to the following areas:


Project Unit-T